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Branding Kalyx Beyond: A Journey to Unlock Beauty

Updated: Apr 8

Branding Kalyx Beyond:

a Journey to Unlock Beauty


kalyx beyond makeup showcased on models

At Brandgelize, we believe in working with innovative brands that strive to revolutionize their industry. When Kalyx Beyond approached us, we were thrilled to collaborate with a company filled with celestial charm that had a passion for innovation and a desire to empower beauty and spirituality through transformative elixir's advanced skincare technology.

Delving into Kalyx Beyond's Vision and Values

To create a branding strategy that truly captured Kalyx Beyond's essence, we delved deep into their vision and values. We understood that Kalyx Beyond's products were more than just cosmetics; they were alchemical elixirs that unlocked the origins of beauty. We wanted to express radiant elegance in the new branding we were creating.

kalyx beyond logo

Capturing the Sound of Kalyx Beyond

Colours play a vital role in rebranding, as they are supposed to resonate with the sound the company is releasing. For Kalyx Beyond, we chose colours that emanated the desire to go beyond the conventional understanding of beauty. Gold, representing the quest to unlock beauty, conveys the valuable process that requires patience. Matte black, on the other hand, conveyed the mystery of beauty sealed within every client awaiting to be revealed. We captured the essence of Kalyx Beyond's sound, which is to unlock and reveal the beauty within every client using their products. These colours emanate the mystery of beauty, distinguishing Kalyx Beyond from other beauty companies and going beyond the scope of what beauty has been defined as. We used fonts that emphasised Kalyx Beyond's pursuit of excellence, releasing an ancient and futuristic sound that will be consistently used in all the company's media.

Packaging Design: An Emotional Connection with the Target Audience

At Brandgelize, we're passionate about creating packaging designs that truly reflect the essence of a brand. When Kalyx Beyond approached us, they were looking for a packaging design that would do justice to their luxurious and sophisticated brand image. Our team of expert designers took on the challenge and worked closely with Kalyx Beyond to create packaging designs that were not only visually stunning but also emotionally resonant with the lavish essence of their packaging designs.

We knew that we had to highlight the signature component of Kalyx Beyond's products - 24K gold - in our packaging design. Our designers created sketches and concepts that centred on luxury, grace, sophistication, and elegance, incorporating elements that truly spoke to the brand's identity. We wanted to create packaging designs that would make an emotional connection with Kalyx Beyond's target audience.

Brandgelize - Branding Kalyx Beyond: A Journey to Unlock Beauty

We knew that we had to differentiate the brand from its competitors by creating exceptional designs that were visually stunning and memorable. The final result was a packaging design that truly captured the essence of Kalyx Beyond's brand.

At Brandgelize, we are committed to creating exceptional branding strategies and packaging designs that capture the spirit of a brand. We work closely with our clients to truly understand their unique essence and values, and we strive to create designs that are emotionally resonant and memorable. We are proud to have collaborated with Kalyx Beyond, a company that has a passion for innovation and a desire to empower beauty and spirituality through its hydrating formulas and transformative elixirs.


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