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Giving Back to Brandgelize: Investing in the Face of Our Business

Updated: Feb 12

Giving Back to Brandgelize: Investing in the Face of the Business


A great quote by Anne Frank says,

“No one has ever become poor from giving.”

Giving is an excellent enrichment of life; no matter how often we do it, we can always find new ways to give. It’s important to make giving an integral aspect of a business, to promote a culture of generosity. Giving is an outflow encouraging an outlook beyond focusing on receiving. At Brandgelize, we embraced this idea and sought to look within the company to see how we could practice this resulting in the germination of Giving Back To Brandgelize (GB2B).

The Genesis of GB2B

In October of 2023, we began GB2B intending to create a sense of ownership and investment in the development of our business. We wanted to encourage our team members to take a more active role in the growth of the company, beyond just fulfilling their daily tasks. We considered everyone's roles within the business and asked each team member to give ten percent of their weekly hours back to the company at the start of each week before working on any client projects. This gave us a pool of dedicated hours that we could use towards building our brand, creating designs, writing content, and other activities that would contribute to our business's growth. As we looked at the total number of hours given each week, we realised that by the end of a year, a significant amount of time would have gone into the development of the company, resulting in the potential for significant contribution to the overall development of the business as seen in the graph below:

graph showing the cumulative hours of brandgelize

The graph shows the cumulative hours of nine people working eighteen hours a week on GB2B. As you can see, the hours significantly add up over the year. As the company grows, more people contribute additional hours.

The Benefits of GB2B

The impact of GB2B is the focus on building and establishing The Face of our Business.

“We’re from different cultures, but we all speak the language

of creativity” - Yeye Ikenna.

This quote sums up our team and contributes to the positive impact of GB2B.

Our team is taking more ownership of their roles within the business.

Investing in The Face of the brand nurtures a culture of generosity within the company, creating a positive and supportive work environment and improving our team's morale and productivity.

The Future of GB2B

Giving back to our business continues to be an incredibly enriching experience. It is helping us take more ownership of our roles within the company and invest in our growth and development. We're grateful for the positive impact it is having on company culture and the growth of our business. Giving is not only a personal but also a corporate responsibility, and we'll continue to explore different ways to give back to our business.

Beyond financial returns, we strive to unlock the potential and possibilities within our people and workplaces. We see each employee not just as a worker, but as a wellspring of talent waiting to emerge. By creating opportunities for upskilling, career development, and leadership growth, we empower our people to step into their full potential.

Our business-giving philosophy is rooted in believing in human capacity and thinking abundantly. When we operate from a mindset of appreciation rather than scarcity, we can nurture fulfilment. By generously developing talent and designing with possibility in mind, our business unlocks potential at every level. Giving brings out promise.

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