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KALYX Beyond
KALYX Beyond


  • Luxury Beauty

  • Health & Wellness

  • Holistic Health


  • Brand Naming

  • Corporate Brand Identity

  • Packaging

  • Branded Supplements



KALYX Beyond consciously blend nature’s purest ingredients and alchemical metals to form products that unlock the origins of beauty. Featuring botanical products infused with 24K gold, as well as ritual accompaniments like guided meditation.

Brandgelize worked with KALYX Beyond to create branding which expressed its timeless essence, transporting each consumer to an experience beyond beauty with every use. The gold branding echos the signature ingredient of KALYX Beyond products, perfectly blending the mystery with luxury, the ancient with the innovative.

KALYX Beyond is innovating beauty and the holistic wellness space with a multifaceted mind-body-spirit approach to self care.

KALYX Beyond

Product Packaging


KALYX Beyond challenged our team with the task of creating packaging options that were both functional and beautiful. The outer packaging, though somewhat traditional at first glance, opens non-traditionally, revealing a hidden geometric pattern and secret message. The product itself is adorned with a label in a hammered gold style reminiscent of an ancient apothecary.  These special touches were created to capture the essence of KALYX Beyond's paradoxical quality of being both ancient and new, traditional and mystical. The outcome is both above and beyond.

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