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Owambe Candles
Owambe Candles by Brandgelize


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Owambe Candles is a Nigeria based company, creating customised products & experiences that help a woman live an elevated lifestyle. Featuring The Restoration Collection- a collection of beautiful glassware created from recycled glass from the streets of Nigeria, and The Nubian Collection- a collection of candles featuring portraiture of women and men from Nigerian tribes, Owambe Candles is truly a celebration of Nigerian life.

Owambe Candles sought Brandgelize services to transform its existing branding into a representation of its heartbeat: creativity, sustainability, beauty and fun. Our design team incorporated the O and C from their previous branding into a re-imagined emblem complete with intricate pattern work and a coral focal point, a nod to some of the colours and textures that best represent Nigerian culture.



Owambe Candles by Brandgelize


Owambe Candles by Brandgelize

Personal Touch


Our client wanted custom drawn artwork to adorn each of her candles in The Nubian Collection. We entrusted this task to one of our talented designers, who created several portaits, each representing a different tribe within Nigeria. While each portrait displays the unique stylings and fashion of different regions within Nigeria, we chose the common thread of the coral colouration to draw each piece into perfect unity.

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