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Kwattswap by Brandgelize



KWATTSWAP is a registered UK charity raising awareness of the damage fossil fuels have on the everyday life of people living in the developing world, swapping this for renewable energy systems such as solar power that bring good, clean energy by harvesting and storing free, low carbon renewable energy from the sun.

The KWATTSWAP logo is inspired by the name, derived from Kilowatt Swap. The circular energy bolt shows the pathway of exchange and the complete cycle of releasing good energy outwards to the recipient as it is returned back to its origin in the process. Everyone becomes a beneficiary of the good energy.


The honey tone represents light in both the literal and metaphorical sense. We consider ourselves to be in the good energy business, providing light to donors, recipients, corporations and communities through our good energy initiatives. The 'K' is the grounding rod, allowing the good energy to flow into creation and effect sustained change in households, businesses and the environment at large.

The Widow's Might: Kenya

Kwattswap by Brandgelize

Inspire Revolution

An estimated 8 million widows comprise nearly 15% of the population of Kenya. Rural widows, in particular, remain disadvantaged by harmful cultural practices and poverty. The Widow’s Might, seeks to help empower and restore dignity to one of Africa’s most vulnerable demographics, the widow. By providing a clean energy source, not only are we able to turn the lights on, but with access to electricity, widows will have the opportunity to start their own businesses and provide for their families.

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