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Everything we do is focused on building corporate brand  identity, relevance and engagement. We partner with our clients to take their unique business objectives and transform them into innovative and thriving brands, products, and solutions. What inspires us most are the ideas and opportunities yet to be discovered.

KWATTSWAP is nonprofit organisation revolutionising the quality of life in the developing world through the swapping out fossil fuels for sustainable energy sources.

KWATTSWAP by Brandgelize

KALYX Beyond consciously blend nature’s purest ingredients and alchemical metals to form products that unlock the origins of beauty.

KALYX BEYOND by Brandgelize

The Well Frequency is a franchised corporation specialising in innovative products and services which empower people to live in optimal wellness and quality of life - to Live Well and Prosper.


The vision of ARATA is to create a UK based industry dominating coach operator group by bringing together like minded, successful entrepreneurs in this sector to grow, scale and exit. 

ARATA by Brandgelize

Owambe Candles is a Nigeria based company, creating customised products & experiences that help a woman live an elevated lifestyle.

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